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Sponsor Lanes

You can purchase naming rights for as many metres of hedging as you can afford and enjoy full brand recognition on site and in our social media.



Your funds will be employed to help us purchase the land, plant the trees, sustain the project team and drive the marketing engine for worldwide media coverage.

Brand recognition


Sponsors who purchase naming rights are entitled to display their family, company or brand name opposite their lane. 

*The cost of the sponsorship signage is not included in the naming rights price.

The Exponential Power of the Propagation Principle




To produce a new plant using the parent plant.

"the propagation of plants by root cuttings"



The action of widely spreading and promoting an idea.

“the supporters propagated the belief that humanity should be mindful of its carbon footprint.”



Spreading, spreadpromotioncommunication  



A Spekboom tree produces many new shoots every year.  These shoots can be clipped and replanted to create new plants. Thousands of trees can be propagated over time.  Wonder Plant, our supplier, started out with 300 plants and by applying the propagation principle produced over 200,000 trees in a few years.


Our Campaign:

We’re applying the propagation principle to recruit supporters for The Great Labyrinth of Africa.  Folks who sponsor lanes are encouraged  to recruit two (or more) new supporters to help us propagate the belief that we must be mindful of our carbon footprint. 


Our true measure of success isn’t just building the largest labyrinth on the African continent, it’s the number of people who sponsor lanes and help us to build the Great Labyrinth by inspiring others to join our important campaign in the fight against climate change.




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